Pasta- A dream come true for a Foodie

Can there be a better dish to eat in your lunch than a Pasta?


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Well, I am going to be honest with you and in my opinion, there is no better love than cheese and chicken.


However, having been duped a lot of times, I have learned not to trust modern day restaurants, as they are heavily over-priced and have pastas that I can swear can be better made by an amateur like me.


Pastamania was what my peers suggested me as it was one of the most hyped restaurant in whole of the Singapore. I was having doubts if to go on with its food or just have what I normally like to have during day time that is an omelet and bread.


Being a millennial and having a penchant for trying out new things, I finally decided to go on with this fancy looking food chain.

Pastamania and what happened next


Honestly, the next two hours were one of the best moments of my entire food and tasting career. Pastamania promotion code can help you do the same.


What I ordered was a cheesy Pasta (I know it would ruin my slim body but anything for cheese, right?) and after having consumed the whole dish, it changed the entire views I had about pastas and these fancy looking restaurants.


The first bite I took of my dish was a feeling that I am not going to forget for a lot of years to come. A cheese filled pasta, marinated with different sauces and overflowing with chicken bites, well, it was a dream come true.


What basically stuck me eccentric about the dish was how simple and easy it was to make this recipe yet how delicious it turned out to be. Having a parmesan cheese and chicken is everyone’s dream yet the combination and proportion this particular dish had achieve was simply a dream that was realized.


After having this dish, Pastamania has become my routine. There is no way I am choosing any other restaurant over this. It has a plethora of different dishes and pastas all made to have you a taste of heaven.

Apart from the pastas, Pastamania also serves a lot of different breads. There are several Italian breads available at a cheap price that can be an ideal meal for you if you are planning for something organic and healthy.

Moreover, the restaurants serve food with fresh vegies. These include tomatoes that are not either too sour or sweet, you might as well order a dish with baked potatoes if you are looking for a high dose of Vitamin B, calcium and fiber.

Mushrooms – Everyone’s Favorite

You got to be kidding if you don’t like mushrooms. You do, right?

The best thing about Pastamania is its dishes are stuffed and decorated with mushrooms and olives, taking your meals to a whole new level.


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